Friday, September 02, 2011

Elder Reiki Rail Ride

I've been pondering how to energize this project (notice the contrast between "pondering" and "energize"!). During the past year and a half, I've been focused on learning to be a grandfather, a truly bedazzling responsibility, and joy. Now, turning again to EldersBloom, the idea clicks.

Vision: A Reiki Master dedicated to elder healing, travels around the country, the slow way, by train, visiting with elders and Reiki providers along the way. In this connected Internet age, he shares by personal presence, his love and passion for this work. Projects already well established for doing Reiki with elders (see as one example), he learns from, and brings the successful ideas to the next group along the way. Reiki providers who are just starting, he lends a hand, whatever's needed, from moral support, to publicity, to help with presentations and hands-on healing and teaching of Reiki.

Almost every day, he writes, posts photos and blogs, records videos, and in general uses the journey to gain recognition for the benefits of Reiki, and for the ability of elders to share their wisdom through mutual healing.

The journey may last a few months and cover one region, or a couple of years and span the whole country. It may start and stop, several journeys may happen over time. The most beautiful thing would be, if others were inspired to do the same thing. I know there are many of you out there who have decades of experience with Reiki, and are elders yourselves. Why not take a trip and share it?

Anyway, we've put ourselves out there on the Pepsi Refresh project, a charitable giving website that uses voting to select monthly grant winners. Please go see us there, and vote!

There is much to plan and do, to make this idea into a reality. Your ideas are welcome -- just leave a comment. I'll use this blog to think out loud, and help put together the details.

Meanwhile, if you are an elder interested in Reiki, or a Reiki provider with a passion for working with elders, or both, please consider whether you'd like to have a visit, and what you'd like to have help with. I'm planning to be on the rails within the next two years, until then, we have the growing EldersBloom community online. See us on Facebook at

Many thanks for all you do with your healing hands!